Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Difficulty processing and remembering language-related tasks
Signs and Symptoms

* Has difficulty processing and remembering language-related tasks but may have no trouble interpreting or recalling non-verbal environmental sounds, music, etc.
* May process thoughts and ideas slowly and have difficulty explaining them

* Misspells and mispronounces similar-sounding words or omits syllables; confuses similar-sounding words (celery/salary; belt/built; three/free; jab/job; bash/batch)
* May be confused by figurative language (metaphor, similes) or misunderstand puns and jokes; interprets words too literally
* Often is distracted by background sounds/noises
* Finds it difficult to stay focused on or remember a verbal presentation or lecture
* May misinterpret or have difficulty remembering oral directions; difficulty following directions in a series
* Has difficulty comprehending complex sentence structure or rapid speech
* "Ignores" people, especially if engrossed
* Says "What?" a lot, even when has heard much of what was said 


*  Show rather than explain
*   Supplement with more intact senses (use visual cues, signals, handouts, manipulatives)
*  Reduce or space directions, give cues such as "ready?"
*  Reword or help decipher confusing oral and/or written directions
* Teach abstract vocabulary, word roots, synonyms/antonyms
* Vary pitch and tone of voice, alter pace, stress key words
* Ask specific questions as you teach to find out if they do understand
* Allow them 5-6 seconds to respond ("think time")
* Have the student constantly verbalize concepts, vocabulary words, rules, etc.
* Avoid asking the child to listen and write at the same time 

Excerpted from the LDA of California and UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute